About the company

Exclusive Hair & Makeup Artistry Studio & Salon
What started out as a childhood hobby and passion has completely turned into a full blown business for me today. With years of experimentation, research, lessons, trials, word of mouth and social network, Zuri has quickly flourished into something made out of dreams.
As an artist, I am addicted to the visual aspect of creativity. Whatever I arrange or create comes straight from my heart. Every face or hair that I work on is not only my canvas but an inspiration and challenge as well. Makeup to me is not just colours and placement but an illusion. It is magic! When done correctly, it camouflages your flaws and enhances all the beautiful details of a face. I believe that every individual is a work of art in their own way, the target is to radiate that exquisiteness from within ourselves. And I personally love using makeup and beauty as a form of expressing that confidence and that unique individuality that only you possess.
Zuri to me is my dream that I only aspire to take to bigger and better heights. I love focusing on an absolutely flawless face and skin. That beautiful glow is nothing but perfection and that is exactly what every Zuri Beauty gets.
– Karishma Rahman See Less