Ujala Paints

About the company

Bangladesh has been witnessed a lot of development since the greatest Independence, particularly in construction sector that is increasing day by day. Paint and paint related building materials are taking major part in this development. But it has already been observed that the quality and the quantity of paints were insufficient to serve the continual increasing requirements. Being a dynamic partner of the gradual development of Bangladesh and to satisfy the market demands, UJALA PAINTS has started to produce paints & related chemicals with the brand name of UJALA PAINTS from 2003.

Paint is a homogeneous & dispersed mixture of some opacifying pigments in some particular vehicles & solvents with some associative additives, which are mainly used for decorative purpose. Paints are always the last part of a building or refurbishment project and as such, they are expected to hide the many imperfections in the surface they are covering, they are also expected to protect the surface from the attacks by sunlight, rain, pollution, chemical cleaners, scrape and knocks. They are expected to remain firmly adhered to the surface no mater how poor the surface may be, and they are expected to retain the sparkle and beauty that was the original choice of the customer. The fact that UJALA PAINTS is determined to satisfy all this requirements, and more, is true a result of.

UJALA PAINTS has started with a modern technology both in production equipments and in customer services. Our research and development laboratories are using the latest equipments to constantly seek new high performance raw materials, and new way of combining them, to provide paints of ever high quality. Our technical and color service departments are always at our customer disposal to give accurate advice on surface coating and color combinations, including use of our remarkable multicolor range.

With our commitments to customer’s service, and to produce top quality products that are the envy of the industry, we are convinced that UJALA PAINTS would be the prime choice now, by bringing tomorrow’s technology to its customer’s surface.